John Parrott married Mabel and settled in Whitchurch in 1912, where they opened a butcher´s shop at no:9 High St. remaining there ´till 1918 when they purchased the Cock Inn (that was previously a coaching inn) together with the stables at the rear that became the site of the slaughterhouse.
That facility was in use until 1938 when the abattoir was moved to the town centre of Aylesbury that is now part of the Friar´s Square Shopping Centre.
In the early 30´s the first refrigerator in our area was installed by the Prestcold Company (probably then the Pressed Steel Company Limited of Cowley that eventually became part of the motor industry)
By 1991 the current farm shop had been completed and the business moved from the village centre, the old shop reverted to residential use.
Farming has continued in and around Whitchurch since 1912.
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